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As an AT&T Wireless customer, you can access support online, through the AT&T support center. Whether you are looking for support pertaining to device set up and usage, or support pertaining to billing and account management, you will find all the help you need at the AT&T support center. The AT&T support center also has support pertaining to AT&T plans and services, as well as support for specific AT&T devices. That is where you can get instructions to help you in troubleshooting, in rectifying damaged or defective devices and in dealing with lost or stolen devices; among other things.

How to access AT&T wireless support online

To access AT&T wireless support online, you just need to visit the AT&T support center (its address given within the ‘links to help you’ section below), and click on the ‘Wireless’ link. Actually, the ‘wireless’ section of AT&T support center seems to be the default page that you land on, upon getting to the AT&T support center. On the wireless section of the AT&T support center, the various options for AT&T wireless support are visible. Those main sections are ‘products’, ‘device set up and use’,’plans and services’, ‘billing and account’ and ’device help’. Within each of these sections are links you can click on, to get help for specific issues.

Specific issues for which you can get AT&T wireless support online

Under the ‘products’ section of AT&T wireless support, you can get help pertaining to ‘wireless’, ‘GoPhone’ and ‘International’.

Under the device set up and use section, you can get help on how to activate your device, how to go about using your device, how to transfer your contacts and how to go about unlocking your AT&T wireless device.

Under the device help section, you can get help on how to troubleshoot your device, how to deal with a damaged or defective device, and how to deal with a lost or stolen AT&T wireless device.

Under the plans and services section, you can get help pertaining to rate plans and packages as well as help on how to reset voicemail password. Also available there is help on how to block calls, how to suspend or reactive previously suspended service as well as the coverage map.

Finally, under the billing and account section of the AT&T wireless support, you can find help pertaining to usage, the available payment options, as well as a chance for you to check order status.

How to get AT&T wireless support for a specific issue

To get AT&T wireless support for a specific issue, you just need to go to the AT&T support center webpage, click on ‘wireless’ and then click on the link for the specific issue that you are seeking to get support for.

How AT&T wireless support is offered online

In most cases, AT&T wireless support is offered through step by step guidance.  There are a few cases where AT&T wireless support is in the form of links to pages where you can find the information you are looking for. Then there are the instances where the AT&T wireless support is offered in the form of answers to questions,

Links to help you

AT&T support center


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