Take Part in the Best Buy Cares Survey For a Chance to Win a Best Buy Gift Card

Best Buy, the popular consumer electronics vendor, loves listening to its customers, in order to get honest feedback from them. To that end, Best Buy has set up an online survey, which its customers can take part in, in order to have their voices heard. Besides getting their voices heard, the Best Buy customers who take part in the survey also get entries into the Best Buy survey shopping spree sweepstakes: where they stand a chance to win $5,000 Best Buy gift cards. Those are $5,000 gift cards that the customers in question can subsequently use on Best Buy shopping sprees.

Steps you need to follow, in order to take part in the Best Buy survey

To take part in the Best Buy survey, you need to have shopped at a Best Buy store, and kept the receipt. Now, armed with that receipt, you need to go to the Best Buy survey website (its address is provided below, under the ‘links to help you’ section). You will have noticed that in the best buy receipts that carry invitations for customers to take part in the survey, there are codes: categorized as Group A, Group B and Group C codes. Upon landing at the Best Buy survey site, you will be required to enter those codes in the respective spaces, and then click on the yellow-colored ‘next’ button, to be taken into the actual survey.

Types of questions to be answered in the Best Buy survey

Once you get into the actual Best Buy survey, you will notice that the questions mainly touch on your shopping experience at Best Buy: and whether or not you found it satisfactory. All that is required of you is candor in answering the question: as Best Buy endeavors to get honest answers to those questions. So just go through the questions, answering each one as candidly as possible.

On the length of the Best Buy survey and the required time

The Best Buy survey is reasonably short, and within 5-10 minutes, you should be through with it.

Getting entered for the $5,000 gift card sweepstake

You get a chance to be entered for the $5,000 Best Buy gift card at the end of the survey. So you just have to go through the survey, and once you are through with the last question, you will be given a chance to enter the sweepstake — where you could win a $5,000 gift card to finance a Best Buy ‘shopping spree’.

Languages in which you can take part in the Best Buy survey

You can take part in the Best Buy survey in either English or Spanish. On the first page of the Best Buy survey website, you are offered a chance to choose (by clicking) whether you prefer to take part in the survey in English or in Spanish.

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