Access Comcast Customer Service and Phone Number Online

Do you want to call the Comcast customer care department about one or another issue? In that case, you can find the Comcast phone number online. You can also access Comcast customer service information, and even go as far as directly getting Comcast customer service online. All these are things you can do through the ‘contact us’ page on the Comcast website. Thus, the Comcast website’s ‘contact us’ page is the ideal place to start, whenever you are looking for assistance from the Comcast customer service department. Whether you are trying to understand your Comcast bill, to troubleshoot your Comcast internet, to figure out how to return your Comcast equipment or anything else in between, you can find the necessary customer service information on the Comcast website’s ‘contact us’ page.

How to access the Comcast phone number

In order to see the number on which you can call the Comcast customer service department, you need to first go to the ‘contact us’ page of the Comcast website. As you scroll down that page, you will see a section entitled ‘Get in Touch’ (it is below the following sections: ‘Most popular solutions’, ‘browse the forums’ and ‘shop for our best deals’). Now on the ‘Get in touch’ section, there is a number provided: that being a number which you can call to get Comcast customer support.

How to access Comcast customer service online

To access Comcast customer service online, start at the ‘contact us’ page on the Comcast website. You may (luckily) find your specific issue addressed within the ‘most popular solutions’ section near the top of the page. Alternatively, you may find your issue addressed in the forums – and the links to the forums are provided on the ‘contact us’ page, under the ‘Browse the forums’ section. Or you may need to scroll down, to the ‘Get in Touch’ section, and then click on the ‘chat with an agent’ button, in order to initiate an online chat with a Comcast agent, to receive one-on-one support.

Ways in which Comcast customer service is offered online

One-on-one Comcast customer service is offered online through chat: where you can click to chat with a Comcast agent online. Comcast help is also available through what is effectively a knowledgebase: that is, where answers to frequently asked questions (about Comcast services and products) are answered. An example of that is the series of ‘most popular solutions’ offered right at the top of the Comcast website’s ‘contact us’ page. There is also the help that is available in the Comcast online forums.  Links to those forums are given on the ‘contact us’ page of the Comcast website, under the ‘browse the forums’ section.

Alternative ways of getting Comcast customer support

Besides getting Comcast customer support online, you can also get help by phone. We have already described how you can access the Comcast phone number, which you can then call to get one-on-one phone support from a Comcast agent. There is also the option of getting support in person at a Comcast service center. Under the ‘Get in touch’ section of the Comcast website’s contact us page, there is a button you can click, to find a location near you, where you can go to get the support you need in person.

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