Pay Your Comcast Bill Online

As a Comcast customer, you nowadays have the option of paying your bills online. That is something you can conveniently do on the Comcast website. You just need to sign in to your Comcast account online, and once you are signed in, you can proceed to pay your bills (and perform a wide range of other account management tasks) online. Paying your Comcast bills online is likely to be much more convenient than paying the bills through the other methods.

Steps to follow, in order to pay your Comcast bill online

The first step for you to take, if you wish to pay your Comcast Bill online, is that of going to the Comcast website’s login page. The address/link to the said Comcast website’s login page is given below, under the ‘links to help you’ section. Once you are on that login page, you will notice that there is a login box on the right hand side (the one that is entitled ‘Xfinity’. Within that box, as required, enter your username or email, and then enter your password. Then enter the ‘captcha’ code and click on the ‘sign in’ button or press the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard. Once you are logged into your Comcast account, you just have to click on the bill payment option, and proceed to provide the required information, to complete the Comcast bill payment.

Creating a Comcast Username

As we have noted, in order to pay your Comcast bills online, you need to be logged into your Comcast account online. And to be able to log in to your Comcast account online, you need to have created a username: a process through which you effectively sign up for online account access. Now to create the Comcast username (if you don’t have one), you need to start at the Comcast sign in page. If you scroll towards the bottom of the Comcast sign in page, just below the sign in box, you will see somewhere written ‘Need Access?’ – and below that is a ‘Create a Username’ link. Click on that link, and in the next page, provide the required details in order to create a Comcast username.

Other Comcast functions that you can perform online

Besides being able to pay your Comcast bills online, there are several other functions you can perform on the Comcast website once you are signed in. You can, for instance, schedule automatic payments. You can also get to troubleshoot your Comcast service. And you can view your bills, carry out parental control and even watch TV online.

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