Enroll for Safelink Wireless Free Phone Program

Nowadays, it is possible to enroll for Safelink Wireless online. That is something you can do at the Safelink Wireless website, if you are eligible. Eligibility is mainly based on income: whereby Safelink Wireless is meant for people whose income is at — or below — 135% of federal poverty guidelines. People who participate in public assistance programs like Medicaid, food stamps and ‘welfare’ (among others) may also be eligible for Safelink Wireless. Through Safelink Wireless, you stand to get a free cell phone, with unlimited texts, and 500 minutes for four months. Once the first four months are over, you continue getting 250 minutes and unlimited text per month thereafter. Enrolling for Safelink Wireless online is easy.

The main steps in Safelink Wireless online enrollment

The first step in Safelink Wireless online enrollment is that of visiting the Safelink Wireless website. The second step in Safelink Wireless online enrollment is that of filling in the application for enrollment. Once your application is approved, you can start enjoying the communication services under Safelink Wireless.

How to initiate Safelink Wireless online enrollment

To initiate Safelink Wireless online enrollment, you just need to go to the Safelink Wireless website, enter your zip code as required, and then click on the yellow ‘Apply Now’ button. Upon doing this, you are taken to a page with an application form. Once you fill in that form, and submit proof as required, you wait for your application to be processed. And if your application is successful, you start enjoying the Safelink Wireless services immediately.

How to fill in the Safelink Wireless online application form

In the first part of the Safelink Wireless online application form, you are required to provide personal information. That includes your name, your date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your social security number. In the second part of the Safelink Wireless online application form, you enter information pertaining to your address. The third part of the application is about eligibility: seeing that the program is meant to cater for low income people. After this, you review your application, and submit proof (to prove your eligibility for the program). From this point onwards, the ball is in the court of the people who run the Safelink Wireless program: who go through your application and the proof that you submitted. If they find that you are qualified for the Safelink Wireless program, you are enrolled for the program. You then receive the free cell phone, with the unlimited text and 500 free minutes for four months.

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